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Jul 28

Where is the Smart VC Money Going in Fin Tech? Follow the Unicorns -

Jul 27

Amazon may be going after Square with a credit card reader of its own | The Verge


Jul 25

How MasterCard became a tech company -

Process Payments with Offline Mode -

Jul 23

AvantCredit Raises $75M Series C to Grow Online Lending Platform -

Congrats to Al Goldstein and the team in Chicago. I’ve gotten to know Al and have a tremendous amount of respect for him. I had the chance to invest in the Series B (and probably should have!) #FOMO

The Unbanked: Offering Small Fees, Banks Cater to Low-Income Customers

Jul 22

Amazon Debuts Wallet App for Rewards and Gift Cards

Jul 20

How Smart Lending Dumbed Down

Jul 18

New York Reveals BitLicense Framework for Bitcoin Businesses -

While very (overly)? comprehensive, this is Step 1 toward legitimizing Bitcoin.

Jul 17

Peer-to-peer lender wins landmark rating -

File this / SoFi under my anti-portfolio. D’oh.