Up & Right

Jul 23

AvantCredit Raises $75M Series C to Grow Online Lending Platform -

Congrats to Al Goldstein and the team in Chicago. I’ve gotten to know Al and have a tremendous amount of respect for him. I had the chance to invest in the Series B (and probably should have!) #FOMO

The Unbanked: Offering Small Fees, Banks Cater to Low-Income Customers

Jul 22

Amazon Debuts Wallet App for Rewards and Gift Cards

Jul 20

How Smart Lending Dumbed Down

Jul 18

New York Reveals BitLicense Framework for Bitcoin Businesses -

While very (overly)? comprehensive, this is Step 1 toward legitimizing Bitcoin.

Jul 17

Peer-to-peer lender wins landmark rating -

File this / SoFi under my anti-portfolio. D’oh.

Jul 16

Funding Circle Gets Funded, $65M More For Its Small Business Lending Marketplace -

This space is heating up for a reason.

Jul 15

Yelp Liberates Its API To Box Out Foursquare And Google -

Yelp opening up its API and data set could/should be a fantastic boon to startups selling into, analyzing and work with SMBs.

Wonga’s new chairman scraps advertising puppets amid review -

File this under: It’s still not easy to be a payday lender. Wonga posited itself as the clean, friendly and respectable online payday lender but failed to keep many of those promises and is now being forced to retrench under new management. I certainly hope they can complete their turn around successfully.

Jul 14

CFPB Says ACE Cash is a Predatory Lender